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"My speciality is high-quality work made to measure. Originality in conception and a perfect finishing touch are my aims"

march 23, 2001:
JOURNEE DES METIERSa great succes!
Lauréat 1st prize Alfred Gratien 2000

The bottle cooler made out of stone
sculpted by hand

product of the Loir Valley


In his atelier, Pieter Hoefman sculpts and carves the "Tuffeau" stone of the French Loire Valley.

During five years of study at the academy of Fine Arts of 's-Hertogenbosch in Holland, Pieter Hoefman worked in a wide range of mediums. Living in France since 1997, he now works only in stone. In addition to traditional stonecarving, he sculps both personally inspired and commissioned pieces.

He does not aim to mass-produce stone-carving but rather to create sculptures of high quality, individual works which reflects the bond between the client and himself.


His creations are unique fusions of artistic vision, architectural knowledge and sensuality.

His work appeals to specialists and collectors and to the discerning person who will derive a lifetime of pleasure from a beautiful work of art.

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